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Overview of the Wakasa Town

Visit Wakasa Town!

Wakasa Town is located almost right in the middle of Japan, looking out toward the Asian continent over the Sea of Japan. The city is next to Kyoto, which neighbors Osaka. Wakasa is a town rich with nature such as the ocean and lakes, country life, delicious foods, and long-standing traditions and history.

Seafood is Wakasa’s specialty. Hotels and restaurants offer delicious, fresh seafood. At Mikata Five Lakes, a wetland area registered under the Ramsar Convention, you can enjoy beautiful landscapes and a boat ride on the sightseeing cruise. The countryside and mountains are full of amazing nature, and you can experience farming in those places, too.

The history of Wakasa goes as far back as the pre-historic Jomon period. At Wakasa Mikata Jomon Museum, you can learn the culture and lifestyle of those old times. Kumagawa, one of the post towns on the Old Mackerel Road, a route used to deliver mackerel and other fish to the capital city of Kyoto, offers the historic landscapes even now.

In the spring of Wakasa, plums and cherry blossoms bloom beautifully. The summer is a perfect time to enjoy swimming in the sea. As the autumn leaves paint mountains in vivid colors comes the season for blow fish and crab. The winter, with its breathtaking snowy scenes, is the best time to enjoy the most delicious seafood.

In Wakasa, the ocean, lakes, and country life exist together in the perfect balance, offering unique charms and attractions in each season. When you visit, you’ll be welcomed by the warm, genuine smiles of the wonderful people of Wakasa.

Access to Wakasa

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